VAS Objects - A Toolbox for (dynamic) convolution-based Applications for Pure Data and Max/MSP

Tag / Zeit: 17.08.2021, 15:00-15:20
Raum: Lehar 1
Typ: Regulärer Vortrag
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Zusammenfassung: The VAS objects are a set of objects for Max/MSP and Pure Data for (dynamic) convolution-based applications. While numerous objects already exist for static convolution for Max/MSP or Pure Data, there is no object library available, that works with both applications, can handle up-to-date file formats (such as sofa), provide dynamic convolution with in real-time exchangeable filters and is published as open-source software. Besides partitioned, multi-threaded convolution with static filters, the objects facilitate crossfade-based swapping between old and new filter (for applications such as dynamic binaural synthesis) as well as a true polyphonic dynamic convolution in which the respective filters may decay to the end. As the filter length is not limited, binaural synthesis based on binaural room impulse responses is possible too. Another application is the modelling of existing audio hardware such as vintage equalizers, compressors, delays or reverberators with impulse responses.The objects are implemented with the VAS library and source code and binaries for all compatible platforms are publicly available.