Reproducibility of an ABX-Listening Test using Electronic Documentation and Automation: A case study

Tag / Zeit: 17.08.2021, 15:00-15:20
Raum: Lehar 2
Typ: Regulärer Vortrag
Session: Psychoakustik 4
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Zusammenfassung: Psychoacoustic experiments investigate the relation between a sound and its perception by humans. However, the experimental details are often insufficiently documented in scientific publications. Reproducing such investigations thus, often requires much effort due to missing details in the documentation of prerequisites and experimental set-up as well as unpublished research data and statistical analysis. By means of an ABX-listening test detecting the perceptual difference of correlated and uncorrelated measurement noise in binaural room impulse responses, we demonstrate how documentation and reproducibility of such experiments can be improved by technical approaches and methodological aspects. In particular, the documentation of the experiment including the hypothesis, the preparation, and the analysis is realized in an electronic laboratory notebook. Furthermore, the documentation can be used to create a documentation template for similar experiments in order to make them better comparable. Before the experiment, the statistical analysis is implemented and automated processes are set-up in order to evaluate new measurements. Finally, the data and the scripts with their documentation are published following the FAIR principles to ensure their re-usability.