On the perceptual difference of correlated and uncorrelated measurement noise in binaural room impulse responses

Tag / Zeit: 16.08.2021, 17:00-17:20
Raum: Lehar 1
Typ: Regulärer Vortrag
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Zusammenfassung: In practical measurements of binaural room impulse responses (BRIRs) the recorded response is superimposed by noise. This noise floor is caused either by background noise or the technical equipment. Both noise types result in a different interaural coherence. Background noise resulting from a single noise source is correlated, whereas the noise of technical equipment is considered to be uncorrelated. The noise floor in a BRIR might get perceptible when using it for auralization purposes. In this study we analyze whether a difference can be perceived between correlated and uncorrelated auralized noise floors. We artificially deteriorated a BRIR with additive noise in the measurement process. Hereby, the interaural coherence and the peak to noise ratio (PNR) of the BRIR was varied. The resulting BRIRs were then used for auralization in an ABX listening test.