Vortrag entfällt - Finding a new tire to replace H1 for CPX measurements - part I


Tag / Zeit: 18.08.2021, 08:40-10:00
Raum: Stolz 2
Typ: Regulärer Vortrag
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Zusammenfassung: The standard ISO 11819-2 describes a method to measure the influence of road surfaces on traffic noise. It is based on measurement of sound pressure levels in close proximity of rolling reference tires, which are specified in ISO/TS 11819-3. In order to determine the influence of certain road surfaces separately for light and heavy vehicles, two types of reference tires (P1: light vehicles, H1: heavy vehicles) are specified. Unfortunately, the production of the H1 tire was discontinued a few years ago. Therefore, finding a new tire to replace H1 became an urgent matter. This first part of the contribution presents the overall setup of the project, preliminary studies on a test-bench (drum) and the selection of possible new tires.