Hearing Architecture and Seeing Soundscapes: Methodological Approach of Individual Vocabulary Profiling to Evaluate Audiovisual Perception

Tag / Zeit: 16.08.2021, 16:00-16:40
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Zusammenfassung: Architectural and urban environments are exposed to a variety of judgements: from those who draw the plans to those actually using the space. Despite the diversity of perceivers of such environments, there is a lack of agreement on which reproducible methods can be used for its representation as well as evaluation. Our aim is to present a method ready to evaluate architectural design and space focusing on the person.Based on the work performed by Lokki and colleagues (2011-2016), we propose a method that uses individual vocabulary to describe the subjective perception of a space. We expect this to be a great advantage, as perception varies greatly from individual to individual, yet it promises to extract a “common sense” vocabulary. This vocabulary is needed as descriptor for human perception. We plan to use it as the basis for future studies that build upon participants’ judgements and ratings.The presented methodology describes techniques for capturing and presenting architectural spaces, as well as explanations of how collection of individual data can be performed. This approach is proposed as a reproducible method across urban and architectural environments, various locations, and diverse groups of people.