Round robin testing in reverberation chambers - a virtual affair?

Tag / Zeit: 17.08.2021, 15:40-16:00
Raum: Stolz 1
Typ: Regulärer Vortrag
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Zusammenfassung: The most common measurement procedure for planning practice of so-called sound absorption coefficients is described in the international standard ISO 354. The present revision of the standard only focuses on the conditioning of the sound field and further applying Sabine equation. As it is well-known that a diffuse sound field is atheoretical approach there are other methods to model sound fields.Geometrical acoustics as the basis of sound field simulation has been applied to measurements in a virtual reverberation chamber on absorber baffle set-ups (see Probst, 2015) and showed good agreement between measured and calculated values. This method is now applied to investigate the effects of sample size and position. Measurement results for a material with different sample sizes of one material and different positions are compared with different simulations with varying assumptions on the simplified acoustic properties of reverberation chamber and sample.