Poster entfällt: Mesh2HRTF 1.0: An open-source software package for the numerical calculation of head-related transfer functions

Tag / Zeit: 17.08.2021, 16:00-16:40
Raum: Lehar 1
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Zusammenfassung: Head-related transfer functions (HRTFs) describe the listener-specific directional filtering between free-field sound sources and the human ear canal. They are essential for generating 3-D audio for virtual and augmented reality. Classically, HRTFs are acoustically measured, however, their numerical calculation by means of the boundary element method (BEM) provides a viable alternative, opening more options for basic psychoacoustic research and the personalization of virtual reality, e.g., by generating large scale databases based on parametric head models. Mesh2HRTF is an open-source software for the numeric calculation of the HRTF. First introduced in 2015,it offers a tool-chain for preparing 3-D head (and torso) meshes, running the numerical simulation, and post-processing the results. HRTFs are output as SOFA files - a common exchange format that is ready to use in many virtual-reality applications. The recent version 0.5 of Mesh2HRTF features an improved user interface, comprehensive documentation, the possibility to easily define frequency-dependent boundary conditions (e.g., to account for the absorption of clothes and hair), and introduces automated testing to improve and monitor the code quality. Mesh2HRTF is available at