Research data management across disciplines in AUDICTIVE

Tag / Zeit: 18.08.2021, 16:00-16:20
Raum: Lehar 4
Typ: Regulärer Vortrag
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Zusammenfassung: The priority program SPP 2236 - AUDICTIVE (Auditory cognition in interactive virtual environments) is embedded within the interdisciplinary field of acoustics, cognitive psychology and virtual reality. The goal of the project is to combine the viewpoints of the three disciplines and gain new insights on auditory cognition in virtual reality. The potential of interconnectedness in interdisciplinary projects through the exchange of data and a joint vocabulary can be fostered through constant exchange of knowledge and an overall tool for managing the research data. To make the insights accessible for all project participants and on a long-term basis for researchers and society overall, a research data management plan has to be implemented at an early stage of the project. Hereby the visibility can be ensured for the future, also. First, a survey is sent to all project participants with questions on their research content and corresponding data. Hence the basic requirements for data management in all disciplines can be collected and the need for suitable tools identified. This presentation will show the results of the survey and propose a cross-disciplinary, sustainable and intuitive framework for collecting, managing and re-using the generated data within the first phase of the project.